Taking Control of Your Future w/ Jim and Tyson


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This week on the podcast you get to listen in to a casual conversation with Jim and Tyson, as they do every Saturday, live inside the Guild membership on the Morning Meeting Show.

2:39 taking over another firm
8:35 entrepreneurial jump
10:00 getting off the hamster wheel
14:15 ego and shame

18:35 situations you don’t want to be in

19:05 know yourself

Listen to the podcast here.

Watch the recording to catch some helpful visuals here.

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Jim’s Hack: “If I wake up more than 3 days in a row thinking about you, and you’re not my spouse, you have to go” - Dan Kennedy. Jim likes this related to your employees and hiring slow and firing fast.

Tyson’s Tip: An app, LiquidSpace, finding an office space to rent for an hour or two. Tyson recently used this on his vacation to Myrtle Beach.

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