Taking Risks and Overcoming Perfection w/ Bobby Botnick


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This week on the podcast Jim and Tyson chat with Bobby Botnick. Bobby was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, where he now manages his criminal and traffic defense practice, The Botnick Law Firm, LLC.

Following his admission to the Ohio Bar in 2004, Bobby served as a Cuyahoga County prosecutor for seven years, primarily handling felony cases. Bobby has tried dozens of felony trials throughout his career, including many that received special attention from local and national media outlets.

Bobby is married to his former law school classmate and fellow attorney, Abby, and they have two children together. He is an avid technology enthusiast, a dedicated Phish fan, and a craft beer lover.

He currently chairs the Solo/Small Firm Section of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association and has served as President of the Cuyahoga Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

4:15 not the path for you

5:00 hanging a shingle in the back of a jewelry store

6:30 take pause and level up

9:25 the idea of outsourcing

10:20 parallel jeweler and criminal defense

12:14 informed and educated

13:34 taking risks and overcoming perfection

16:21 future planning

26:10 letting go of more

26:57 how to decide what it is you are doing

Jim’s Hack: Create content so someone can binge watch you and gain trust in you.

Bobby’s Tip: Crisp Email Template keyboard app: templates to throw in text in messages and email.

Tyson’s Tip: Think of 3 adjectives to describe your perfect self - what you want yourself to look lije in 5 years. You think of those 3 each day and it will propel you towards that future self.

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