253 - MEAT CUTE 2021 w/ Lani Engstrom & Rachael Mason


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It's still MEAT CUTE month over here at MEAT headquarters, which means we are featuring real live comedy couples on the show! This week, it's a little bit different, because the couple is Lani Engstrom (Basic Aliens) and our very own host, Josh Simpson. Thankfully, Rachael Mason (Assembly, UCB) came on to talk and improvise with us so Josh didn't make it all about himself.

Josh and Lani share stories about scoring weed, thwarting old pervs and losing their debit cards in Mexico as well as a nightmarish trip down the PCH and back. These true stories inspire improvised scenes about pushy merchants / parents, a high falutin office of big spenders, a goth Six Flags and a whole bunch more.

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