#103 - Rachel Varga: Biohacking Skin Care, Anti-Aging Dermatology, Injectables & Dermal Fillers, Daytime & Nighttime Routines, Safe Sun Protection, Improving Dark Eye Circles, And More!


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6:25 - What Treatments Does Rachel Personally Use?

7:45 - Dermal Rolling/Facial Stimulation

10:15 - Collagen

13:10 - Mixing & Matching Your Supplements

14:45 - What Products Does Skin Truly Need?

15:50 - Blue Light's Effect On Skin

17:15 - Do I Need A Morning And Nighttime Routine?

19:45 - Outdated Recommendations From Clinicians

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25:05 - Wearing Sunscreen

26:45 - What About Sun Exposure For Vitamin D?

29:00 - Supplements For Oxidative Stress

29:50 - Better Sunscreen Products

32:05 - Retinol

36:35 - Retinoid Reaction Phase

36:45 - Skin Cell Turn Over

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41:30 - Puffiness In The Face And Under-eye Bags

47:40 - Self Lymphatic Drainage

48:30 - Measuring Inner Age

49:55 - Improving Neck Skin; Tightening And Smoothing

53:45 - Surgical Interventions

54:35 - Debunking The "Natural" Movement

57:20 - Injectables

58:10 - Dermal Fillers

1:01:50 - Biohacking Resources To Protect Your Skin

1:09:45 - Venus Treatments

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1:11:00 - The Future Of Anti-Aging Technology

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