#117 - Tim Spector: The ZOE Program, Our Unique Gut Microbiomes, Blood Sugar & Blood Fat Clearance, Increasing Gut Diversity, Energy Toxicity & Inflammation, Good Fats & Bad Fats, And More!


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12:40 - Tim's Personal Story

16:25 - When Does The Difference In Microbiome Occur In Twins?

19:00 - What Is The Capacity To Change The Microbiome?

20:50 - The Supersize Microbiome Diet

22:15 - Blastocystis

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26:35 - Germ-Free Mice

28:10 - Anxiety & Depression

28:35 - Does Every Animal Have A Microbiome?

28:55 - Parasites, Fungi, Bacteria & Viruses

29:30 - The Layers Of The Microbiome

30:45 - The Microbiome And Diet

32:15 - 30 Plants A Week

33:30 - Low Carb, Keto, And Carnivore Diets And Gut Diversity

35:20 - What About People With Digestive Issues?

38:15 - Is The Problem With The Lack Of Carbs Or The Increase In Fat?

40:50 - Do Spices Or Herbs Count Toward The 30 Plants?

42:45 - Fasting And Changes In The Biome

45:30 - Circadian Rhythms And Chronotypes

46:45 - How Zoe Works

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53:35 - The Macronutrient Breakdown Of The Zoe Muffins

57:15 - Blood Sugar Spikes And Dips, Is It Reactive Hypoglycemia?

1:01:00 - Night-Time Hypoglycemia

1:01:30 - What About Muffins That Are HFLC Or LFHC?

1:04:45 - Food Myths

1:06:00 - Poor Fat Clearance, And Good Vs Bad Fat

1:09:40 - C8 Research

1:12:30 - Being On Keto And Having A Carb Challenge Meal

1:15:15 - What Has Been The Most Surprising Finding From Zoe And The PREDICT Studies?

1:16:30 - The Blue Poop Challenge

1:19:15 - CGMs, Accuracy Vs Precision

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