#112 - Dr. John Lieurance: Melatonin The Miracle Molecule, Effective Supplementation, Circadian Rhythms, Inflammation Reduction, Tolerance & Toxicity, Mitochondrial Biogenesis, And More!


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11:20 - Dr. Lieurance's Personal Story

13:05 - Pain To Purpose

14:30 - Inflammation In All Disease

16:25 - The Signs In The Heart And The Brain

17:00 - Aerobic Glycolysis

18:00 - The Warburg Effect

18:45 - Cancer

21:00 - Genetics Related To Detox

23:55 - The Role Of Melatonin In Inflammation

27:45 - Are There Different Types Of Melatonin?

29:45 - Exogenous Melatonin

31:05 - Suppositories

32:30 - Melatonin Circadian Rhythms

34:00 - Using Red Light In The Evening

35:20 - Cellular Melatonin

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38:35 - Heart Rate Variability

41:15 - Melatonin Dosing

41:45 - The Master Stress Hormone

43:00 - Intracellular Melatonin

44:25 - Melatonin And Sleepiness

45:30 - Wi-Fi

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47:25 - The Lack Of Discussion Around Melatonin

49:25 - Microbiome Swarming

50:25 - The Rhythm In The Microbiome During Sleep

51:20 - Reduction Of HCL

51:40 - The Inverse Relationship Of Insulin & Melatonin

54:05 - A Short Fast Before Bed

54:30 - Chronotypes

55:35 - Insomniac Types

59:00 - The Half-Life Of Melatonin

1:00:05 - Typical Dosing

1:00:25 - High Exogenous Dosing Effect On Endogenous Production

1:01:35 - Toxicity & Tolerance

1:02:40 - Suppressive Efforts

1:03:45 - Vitamin D; OTC Regulation

1:04:05 - Blood Pressure Medication And Blood Pressure Lowering Effect

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1:09:05 - Suppositorial Dosing

1:11:25 - Senescent Cells

1:13:35 - Fisetin & Polyphenols

1:14:10 - Mitophagy

1:14:55 - Mitochondrial Biogenesis

1:17:25 - Prevention Of Skin Burns

1:19:00 - Anti-Inflammatory Effect

1:20:10 - Using Binders For Detox

1:20:50 - Biotoxins & Mold

1:21:50 - Side Effects

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