Fusion360 changes, belt printers and the ASMBL!


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With Stefan’s last day on parental leave, he and Tom get together once more to talk about the developments in the 3D printer scene. It seems like Belt printers are making a comeback, Fusion360 is again making drastic changes and E3D have somewhat quietly released their hybrid manufacturing toolhead for the toolchanger.

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Fusion360 removes features from the free license
Batch .step export
Non-planar slicing

Robot factory belt conversion
Sanjay’s autoeject


0:00 Episode 38
3:21 Stefan’s Drone License
13:52 Tom’s studio un-move
16:52 Fusion360
47:05 E3D ASMBL
52:46 Non-planar slicer
58:56 Belt printers
1:13:12 BTS
1:22:56 Questions

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