Trademark, Re-branding & Filament Welding


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In this episode, Stefan proudly presents the trademark certificate that he registered for his channel name and talks a bit about the process involved in applying for it. Tom discusses his plans on re-branding his channel. The following topics cover procedural G-Code generation and the FullControl GCode Designer. After that, Tom and Stefan briefly talk about a recent controversy surrounding Make Anythings Astrolabicon Design that popped up by another company on Kickstarter. Next, Tom introduces his plans for the VORON 2.4 Live build and talks about 3D printed solid-state batteries. Finally both answer questions on how to test the speed of a 3D printer in a review and what to do with filament leftovers.

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Procedural, parametric pattern generation:
FullControl GCode Designer:
Kickstarter with design “inspired” by Make Anything’s Astrolabicon:
VORON 2.4 Formbot kit (Affiliate):
3D printed solid-state battery (GER):
Heliox video on filament welding:
Simple Filament Welder (Affiliate):
Mosaic Palette 3:

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