2 Keys to Achieving 'Consistency' in Your Handmade Business


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Today I am diving into the quandary of consistency in business. So elusive! What does “consistency” in business actually look like? What does it mean when we say we want more consistency? And why does it sometimes seem unattainable or frustrating to accomplish that at times?

We are ALL always looking for consistency in business, usually, that means sales but it could mean other things like subscribers or followers, depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

Is this achievable? I believe that is! BUT we have to work on what we REALLY mean when we say it. Like, truly define what we mean when we say we want consistency.

Consistency is too loose of a term for most of us to feel secure with.

If we give ourselves a more liberal and realistic view of consistency then we have the opportunity to celebrate and ‘succeed’ more often! For full show notes and all the links mentioned in this episode, please visit merriweathercouncilblog.com/153

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