TBT: Master the Squat and Find Your True Strength with Dr. Aaron Horschig


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This week I’m excited to introduce you to the Squat King himself, Dr. Aaron Horschig. In this episode we’ll be diving into a lot of the concepts and principles highlighted in his book, The Squat Bible, as well as how we can ultimately improve the performance of our athletes through the quality of movement. Be sure to check below for links to his book and his website. Enjoy the show.

Topics of discussion:

2:45 - The looking glass of movement

13:00 - Empowering the patient

19:14 - Conscious eating - What’s your relationship with food?

21:50 - Falling in love with the process

26:18 - Why the Squat is so important for a healthy lifestyle

33:30 - The Squat Bible

49:30 - The fastest way to increase your mobility

56:50 - Finding the right PT for you


The Squat Bible - Horschig

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