Aspen's plan to safe SA's Covid-19 vaccine rollout. Prof Anton Harber and his relationship with money


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Stephen Saad, CEO at Aspen, explains how they plan to rollout at vaccines for the country after the US Food and Drug administration discarded 60 million doses of the J&J vaccines. Momentum Trust plans to release an online will generator in partnership with world-leading will software provider . Then Journalist and adjunct professor of Journalism at Wits Anton Harber talks about his handle on money.

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1. SA's drug regulator shares some clarity on status of local J&J vaccine. Guest: Prof. Helen Rees | Chair at South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (00:00:00)

2. Market Commentary - Old Mutual Investment Group. Guest: Arthur Karas | Portfolio Manager at MacroSolutions at Old Mutual Investment Group| (00:10:40)

3. Aspen lays a plan to safe SA's Covid-19 vaccine rollout. Guest: Stephen Saad | CEO at Aspen (00:32:02)

4. Tech with Toby Shapshak : The US govt has had enough of Big Tech and its passed five bills to take it on | Gadget review: Battery boosters . Guest: Toby Shapshak | Publisher at Stuff magazine (00:33:10)

5. Momentum Trust releases online will generator. Guest: Jeffrey Wiseman | CEO at Momentum Trust (00:40:11)

6. Business Book feature: Jeff Immelt, 'Hot Seat: What I Learned Leading a Great American Company" (00:45:44)

7. Other People’s Money - Journalist and adjunct professor of journalism at Wits Anton Harber . Guest: Prof Anton Harber (01:02:55)

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