Fat Loss: Myth vs. Science


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Sweat belts actually work!?🙀

⭐️ In this episode, @alyciaisrael dives into the details of evidence based nutrition coaching. We discuss: 1️⃣ The science behind spot reduction of abdominal fat. We discuss a study done by a bodybuilder and researcher that showed some spot reduction of fat due to increased blood flow to the abdominal area with a sweat band around the waist. What!? enough to try it? Have my client try it? 2️⃣ Review your fat loss Anatomy & Physiology! Beta-2 receptors, alpha-2 receptors, different receptor density person to person, and body region receptor density differences. 📚 Alycia is really smart and has a MS in Exercise Physiology, CSCS, and the gold standard of sports nutrition the ISSN (we talk about the ISSN cert on the podcast too) 🤓 The episode is a nice blend of nerdy science and practical application. Enjoy!

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