Best Training Split? Optimal Body Fat for Muscle Gain? Tips for being a Successful PT/Online Coach


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Welcome to The Muscle Mentors Podcast! In this episode, Luke, Paul, and James sit down to run through some more Instagram and Education Portal community questions. Want to learn more from us and get early access to the podcast? Head over to The Muscle Mentors Education Portal and join our epic community of coaches there: We covered: - Training Splits: Is German Body Composition training good for hypertrophy? How can we fit arms training into a Push-Pull-Legs Split? How can we fit RDLs into an Upper-Lower Split? - Optimal Body Fat for Muscle Gain: how lean do we need to be to gain muscle? Is there a perfect set-point, and can we ever get too lean? - Tips for being a Successful Personal Trainer and/or Online Coach: What are some of the best things you can do to be successful? What avenues can you go down if you're a successful PT, but DON'T want to transition online? Thanks to everyone who provided questions, and also to the rest of you tuning in to listen. We hope you enjoy the episode and, as usual, take some value from the conversation. Thanks to our partners & sponsors as always: Precision Prep UK Check out the epic Pro Prep Range here: Use code 'musclementors15' for 15% off your first order. Then code 'musclementors' for 10% off any subsequent orders. Supplement Needs Use code 'musclementors' for 10% off all orders. RaOptics Use code 'musclementors' for 10% off all orders. Thanks for listening and see you on the next one! – The Muscle Mentors

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