Hip Hinges & The Lower Back, When & How to adjust nutrition targets, Body Dysmorphia & Values


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Welcome to The Muscle Mentors Podcast! In this episode, Ross, Paul, and Alex hold down the fort whilst Luke is away teaching on one of our Practical Camps. Want to learn more from us and get early access to the podcast? Head over to The Muscle Mentors Education Portal and join our epic community of coaches there: www.themusclementors.co.uk/ We covered: - Hip hinges and the lower back: is it possible to utilise hip hinges without significantly fatiguing the spinal erectors? What strategies are there for people who 'feel' their lower back too much during hip hinge movements? - When and how to adjust nutrition targets: can we adjust too many things at once? If our goal is extreme, how extreme do our adjustments need to be? - Body Dysmorphia and values: what can we do as coaches for our clients who struggle with body image? Tips for understanding our emotional reward systems, perceptions, and values, and how to use these to maximise our own and our clients' happiness and progress. Thanks for tuning in to listen. We hope you enjoy the episode and, as usual, take some value from the conversation. Thanks to our partners & sponsors as always: Precision Prep UK Check out the epic Pro Prep Range here: https://precisionprep.uk/collections/pro-prep Use code 'musclementors15' for 15% off your first order. Then code 'musclementors' for 10% off any subsequent orders. Supplement Needs https://www.supplementneeds.co.uk/ Use code 'musclementors' for 10% off all orders. RaOptics https://raoptics.com/ Use code 'musclementors' for 10% off all orders. Thanks for listening and see you on the next one! – The Muscle Mentors

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