Member Q&A Feat. Luke & Muscle Mentor Coach, Alex Gates


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Want to learn more from us? Head over to The Muscle Mentors Education Portal and join our community of coaches here: In this episode, Luke is joined by fellow Muscle Mentor, Alex Gates, in what is Alex's first-ever appearance on The Muscle Mentors Podcast. We initially spend some time getting up to speed with Alex's journey within the fitness industry, then spend the bulk of the discussion running through some questions from our epic Education Portal members. We covered: - Strategies for managing effective fat loss (and muscle gaining) phases. This included a fair amount on sleep, cardiovascular exercise, and other key strategies for ensuring optimal autonomic nervous system balance - The concept of setting up client training programmes in specific phases, and our rationale behind such an approach. - Strategies for optimising home-based training (and other scenarios in which equipment may be limited) And more. Thanks for tuning in, everyone. We hope you enjoyed the episode and, as usual, took some value from the conversation. Thanks to our partners & sponsors as always: Precision Prep UK Check out the epic Pro Prep Range here: Use code 'musclementors15' for 15% off your first order. Then code 'musclementors' for 10% off any subsequent orders. Supplement Needs Use code 'musclementors' for 10% off all orders. RaOptics Use code 'musclementors' for 10% off all orders. Thanks for listening and see you on the next one! – The Muscle Mentors

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