Creativity Heals, Soothes and Grounds the Empath


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Quotes from my book: Recovering and Healing After the Narcissist: "Creativity is occurring every moment, whether we are awakening, asleep or dreaming. It is a transpersonal experience that redeems us from our life histories."

""Imagination is our creative engine. Like a sense of humor imagination is unique to each person, our creative DNA.

"Encourage the flow of your imagination Be open---there are no rules, limits or boundaries. Follow where your imagination leads you."

Creativity's Messengers:

Dreams are a great gift of the unconscious and remain mysterious. Some record their dreams and analyze them. Dreams are the secret to the unconscious.

Intuitive Sight - Intuition is always with us. It moves faster than the speed of thought. Intuition always reveals the truth. Honor and pay close attention to your intuitions.

Nature is our home - the epitome of beauty. We are observers and participants in Nature.

Each season, each day, each moment is unique and beautiful.

What are your fondest memories of Nature as an adult, a teen, a child: Each tree is an individual yet they communicate with one another.

Remember the Moon at night and the glorious presence of the Milky Way.

Notice the magnificence of the colors of flowers - their unique shape and relationship to one another.

Remembering weather of all kinds: Cold, dark, windy winter, Remembering the heat of Summer - Coping with high humidity,

Remember falling asleep outside on an autumn afternoon .

Being at the shore - sky and sea met. Each day watch the life throughout the year

Here comes the Winter's shift with snow, ice storms, torrents of rain, thunder and lightening. We feel comfort and soothing when we put on comfortable clothing when we have been cold.

Spring comes with the multitudes of birds, profusion of flowers -- magnificent experience. Color is a great blessing and Nature keeps us in the present.

We are part of Nature and over hundreds of thousands of years Nature has been our companion, source of necessary sustenance, beauty, creativity, a great companion and friend.

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