145 | Sandra Chuma - If you ever struggled with your habits, this is for you


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Before we start this week’s podcast episode, I highly encourage all of you listeners to check out the video of this episode on our website, NDINI.COM or on our YouTube channel, NDINI Media. The reason I mention this is because this episode contains valuable visuals of the Fogg Behavior Model, and it would greatly help you understand it if you could actually see the illustration and diagram that I talk about.

I wanted to talk today about something that for me, has literally changed my life. If you are somebody who's ever tried to create a new habit, you wanted to work out more, you wanted to eat healthier, you wanted to work on building a business, you wanted to study harder at school, but you just found yourself sabotaging or not sticking to it, this is for you.

For the longest time I’ve talked about habits and how habits really are the foundation of everything -- how everything you have or don't have in life is based on your habits. But like everybody else, I am human. I try to implement good habits, but then I get stuck and only keep up with it for a month, or a week. That was until I read this book called Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg.

Here's the thing, if you don't know what you're working with, how can you change it? So if you're looking to change your behavior, but you don't actually understand how behavior works, it's gonna be very hard to do that. BJ Fogg has a model where he defines what behavior is that will help us understand it for us to be able to change it and systematically form habits.

In this episode, I talk about the The Fogg Behavior Model and its eye-opening mind-blowing revelations about behavior and how we can form habits.

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