Don't Aspire to be a CISO


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On this episode of the New CISO, Dr. Rebecca Wynn joins us to discuss the logistics of being a CISO both on a team and personal level. The episode focuses on what type of person is the right fit to become a CISO and how to properly manage the well-being of your team once you land that role, especially now that CISOs are managing their teams in a virtual setting.Background

Dr. Wynn is currently a Global CISO & Chief Privacy Officer at [24] Before that, she was the Head of Information Security/Data Protection Officer at Matrix Medical Network. She was recently listed in the Top 100 Women in Technology by Technology Magazine.Advice and HindsightWhen it comes to hindsight and analyzing yourself and your team from the stands, give yourself enough grace to realize that you are always learning. In the episode, Dr. Wynn and Steve talk about decisions made by CISOs that come before you and how you can take those pieces of information to propel the company forward.Employee WellnessAnalyzing the needs of your team is important in the work world, but being virtual can make that hard. Tips for checking on the team’s wellness behind the screen is discussed, including reminding your team members about the employee assistance programs available to them when they are struggling. Most importantly, this episode emphasizes letting your team members know you care about them as a person and not just as an employee.Should you Become a CISO?Dr. Wynn has written an article advising people not to become a CISO. She expands on this point, explaining that the term CISO has become watered down and people shouldn’t aspire to be at the highest position of cyber security if they don’t understand it and what goes into it. If you aren’t a big thinker or strategic in your thinking, a CISO is not the role for you. Instead, focus on being the best cyber professional you can be.Career Lifespan of a CISOThe time a CISO spends in their role at a particular company has shortened. This episode expands into a CISO’s typical timeline from when they take on a new role until they leave for a new opportunity. We also draw comparisons on the lifespan of a CISO versus the career lifespan of other higher positions, and who CISOs can report to during their time at the company.The New CISOFor Dr. Wynn, the new CISO is a person who tries to work with the organization and is not afraid to speak up for it. This person also never loses sight that the bad guys are always out there and that your organization is in a cyber war at all times.LinksDr. Rebecca Wynn – LinkedInExabeam Podcasts

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