Getting on With the Business of Security, by Building Trust


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Career Transitioning After Decades With Another Organization

Being with the same organization for a long period of time is a wonderful achievement, but when you’re ready for a change of scenery, the transition can be tough after such a long stint with one organization. Being able to set up into your new role with fresh eyes and ears to really listen and get to know your new team can quickly build that working dynamic. If the industry is different from the previous organization, that adds another layers of learning into the mix, so really taking the time to research the industry and have an understanding of where the new organization fits into the industry. Taking the time to learn the role will help build trust and allow you to showcase your expertise in a way that is relatable to other major players within the organization.

Building Trust

Building trust is essential for teams to be able to together in harmony with the objective of doing what’s best for the organization. This is an ongoing practice that will continue to change and evolve throughout the span of working within an organization.

Get to know your security team, as well as other members of the leadership teams, and the executives. Each individual will have different strengths they bring to the table, knowing those before a crisis makes for an easier working situation when issues arise. Being in the leadership role of a CISO means taking on a lot of responsibility for the team you lead, you’ll have to take the wrap for them when issues come up, and be able to explain to others what went wrong and how it was fixed. Being able to trust and be trusted by your security team is so essential for any CISO, but especially when you’re new and maybe even coming in to clean up a mess from a previous CISO, working on building that trust should rank high on the list of priorities.

Applicable Technology

There is new technology coming out all the time, constantly evolving technology for issues of every kind. From a security standpoint recognizing that the latest and greatest technology is only good if it solves a problem for the organization. Just because it is new and shiny doesn’t mean it can actually be plausible for the organization’s issues and business model. So really getting into the nitty-gritty details of the organization can really save you from spending a ton of the security budget on technology that may not even be a good fit for the organization. That being said, there are tons of technology options that will be a great fit for the organization, once the knowledge of what the organization actually needs has been established.

Speaking To A Younger You

When it comes to giving advice to a younger you when first starting out, Deneen spoke to her advantage by being a constant learner and being able to take in a ton information. Have the confidence to ask the questions you need answers to, don’t be afraid to raise your hand. You can create your own pathways be being self-taught and creating a space for yourself by your own right. The confidence in yourself will take you a long way both professionally and personally, so take the time to invest in yourself.

Being A New CISO

There’s no one size fits all model for being a new CISO, but being able to build and gain trust is so key to having these enabling business relationships. Managing the integrity of the organization through trust is what it’s all about.


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