How Emotional Intelligence Fortifies Capability In the Midst of A Crisis


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Building A Relationship With Other Teams

The sooner these relationships can be built, the better. Meeting top executives and other team leads during a crisis is less than ideal. Get to know the people that are closer to the consumer, the writers, the social media managers, the sooner this relationship is established the better the partnership is when you need to come together in a crisis. Building those relationships now build trust within the company as a whole.

Where To Begin?

Every company is different and stepping into the role of CISO will be different depending on the specific needs of those companies. Asking to be introduced to the executives, team leads, and other specific roles when you are first hired on or even during the interview process can put you on their radar from the beginning. Asking questions to your direct contacts and your direct team is a great way to feel out which individuals you need to meet and in what order.

Generating A Safe Statement Before The Problem Arises

The language used in a crisis response as well as the speed of the response are critical components of how the public will perceive the company. Having pre-written general responses that can essentially be “fill in the blank” templates for a variety of problems can get that statement out as soon as possible. This speed of response can help the company change the narrative of the situation at hand. Adopting this kind of proactive approach will not only build trust between the teams before a crisis, but will change the way consumers view your company.

Early Career Advice

Doing research into the companies you’ll be interviewing with can help you find the right workplace that aligns with your personal ethos. Seeking out companies that are known for doing meaningful work, have good workplace morale, and align with you can greatly boost your career drive. Start by defining what is important to you and find companies with similar missions.

Empathy And Care In The Workplace

Building a strong workplace culture around your ethos will change the way you view working. Getting to know the lives of your colleagues and showing genuine interest in their well-being can build a web of trust. Carve out time where anyone from your team can come to, have an open door policy for these times and let them come to you for any reason. Building a team with members that have a strong sense of protection that bleeds out into all aspects of their lives are the individuals that are going to push your company forward.

What Being A New CISO Means

Being reliable, patient, and having a broad understanding of personal and business acumen. Being able to stand up for your principles and provide servant leadership for those who look to you on a daily basis.


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