Your First 90 Days As A New CISO


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Initial Worries & New Challenges

Going from consulting into a leadership position requires you to take on a new level of responsibility. You take that leap of having more permanence in the position but also now having to lead a team of other security professionals. Olivia also was in the unique position of not only being a new CISO but also the first CISO at MailChimp. This unique position came with high expectations but also a rewarding sense of accomplishment when goals are being reached. Some of the challenges can include completely changing the opinions and workload of your colleagues; this position is brand new and may not be received well at first. Remaining professional and listening to needs and concerns of others can build trust when you’re new in the workplace. It can be easy to go into a new position and be a bit over zealous, you’re new, you want to impress the company, just be able to rein it in as to not step on any toes and burn any bridges right out of the gate. It is very important to gain trust when starting out at a new company in a new position.

Gaining Trust As A New CISO

Coming on too strong in a new position can be off-putting to your colleagues. It is essential that you are able to sit down with your peers and learn how to communicate and connect to your team. Make yourself available to get to know your team, be humble in your approach. Showing loyalty to those you work closely with can build trust quickly, be transparent, be authentic with them. Showing vulnerability and being able to admit when your wrong adds humility into professional relationships which can make the workplace much more comfortable. Stand up for your team as well, you are now in a leadership position as a CISO and have a whole team of people that now look to you for support. Being there for them and staying strong in your stance as a leader will build trust within your team.

Early Wins In The First 90 Days

Have meetings early on to establish what is important within the security team and why this team is essential, get feedback on your research and then share it. Establish relationships with others outside of the security team, being able to work closely with other leadership positions can make for a strong driving force within the company as a whole. You do not want to get stuck in the position of having to make a point in the midst of a crisis, get these relationships established first.


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