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A Nomad is capable of thriving with only the essentials. They aren't bogged down by unnecessary "stuff".. I'm Ross Hillier, the host. I have been a strength and health coach for almost a decade now, and I created The Nomad Strength Show to satisfy my curiosity to find what is truly essential to success in life. To help find what men can do to improve in strength and health, business, faith, relationships, or any other avenue of life. We'll bring on high performers such as CEO's, athletes, authors, coaches and other successful guests to help you learn what is truly necessary to grow and progress. Shows will release on Monday's and Thursday's, with the interview shows on Monday and shorter, Solo episodes on Thursday. These solo shows will tackle any and all areas of life; AMA's, Top 5 lists, health and strength questions I get regularly, and any other things that will be helpful or entertaining. Head over to and sign up for the newsletter so you can stay up to date with the show and get bonus content every week. Thanks for checking out the show, and stay strong. Cheers. Follow on Social Media:

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