GREG WALSH | Leader of the Wolf Brigade


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The show today is arguably one of my favorite conversations I’ve had since we launched this thing.

Greg Walsh is the founder of Wolf Brigade Gym in Rochester, NY. He and I officially met at Summer Strong and pretty much instantly clicked in conversation.

We got into some really great topics of conversation in this episode, including:

  • -Greg’s past in the Hardcore and BMX world, beginning in the late 80’s.
  • -Martial arts and being a foundational part of Crossfit Long Beach
  • -How Wolf Brigade came to be
  • -Training with maces and kettlebells (something he has done for 15+ years)
  • -Life lessons we’ve both learned in business and training

We could have gone another two hours, but I’ll bet that Greg comes back for a part 2 at some point.Enjoy this one, I definitely did.


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