27 - The Ascended Masters Inquisition: Interlude (That New Sound You‘ve Been Looking For)


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While The "I AM" Activity and Church Universal and Triumphant are the leviathans of the Ascended Master Teachings, there are a whole host of others who have done their part in spreading this memetic virus: The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, Peter Mt Shasta, Lady Master Pearl, The Hearts Center Community and a whole lot more. But the old funeral home vibe of the original Ascended Masters Teachings just doesn't cut it any more, it needs a brand new groove. Something neon colored, something futuristic, something....cosmic. So we're putting the old folks to bed and giving an intro to the next evolution of the ascended masters: the Ashtar Command and the host of Starseeds, Lightworkers, and all the rest that we'll be going toe to toe with as the inquisition heads to the stars.

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