X Minus One - No Contact


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The first show of the series, which was a continuation of, "Dimension X." The sixth exploration ship, blasting off in 1987 for the planet Volta, approaches "The Galactic Barrier." Beware the "Space Blues!" The script was used previously on "Dimension X" on April 29, 1950 and October 29, 1950 and on The Chase" on December 28, 1952. The program was rebroadcast on "Monitor" during May, 1974. + It was in the year of 1982 that space men first discovered the Great Galactic Barrier. In the past 10 years rocket travel to the moon and the nearer planets had become common place and men fixed their sites on a more distant star - the remote planet of Voltar. 5 exploratory ships went out and none came back. The explorers refused to admit defeat. It was on 2 June 87 that the rocket Star Cloud made ready for take-off and win through to Voltar. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/old-time-radio-show/message

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