The Opportunity Ep.44: Scaling Your Content Business Using CRO


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On this episode of The Opportunity Podcast, we will be speaking with Cody James who purchased a content site in the pet niche from our marketplace and is now a portfolio owner of 7 different content sites. Cody has leveraged his skills and background to create a growth strategy that’s allowed him to build successful businesses within the competitive pet niche. His thoughtful, out of the box strategies have helped him optimize his sites and allowed him to manage his portfolio all on his own.

When building a content site with conversions as the main goal, performing CRO on your website is a sure fire way to help increase your conversions without spending additional revenue on other strategies like PPC advertising or guest post exchanges. Cody has been performing CRO for many years now and gives us his insight to what content site owners should be testing when looking for new ways to grow their conversion rates. He gives us his thoughts on how to diversify your revenue streams whether through new affiliate partners or targeting sub-niche products in your market, what you should be testing to help improve conversions, and his growth roadmap to scaling a newly acquired content site with the idea of flipping it for a much larger profit later on.

Sit back, grab a coffee, and get ready to uncover a growth roadmap to improve your content sites revenue and conversions.

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