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This is the ORIGINAL Paranormal Cafe, hosted by Rob Simcox. The Paranormal Cafe has been broadcasting live since September 2005. Rob founded Black Horse Paranormal Research in 1993 and has done numerous investigations into paranormal activity and psychic phenomenon. Rob has appeared on Television shows such as Philly After Midnight, It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle, and has been profiled in print media as well. In addition to free-wheeling open forum shows, The Paranormal Cafe features guests who's studies include: Paranormal Investigations, UFO's, Cryptozoology, Reverse Speech, Dream Therapy, Ancient Manuscripts, Space Travel, Hauntings, Nostradamus's Prophecies, and more. With a mixture of intellectual discourse and humorous interactions, we're sure that you'll enjoy every episode! We welcome your questions and comments. Email us at: Thanks Mom!

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