PMS 2.0 458 - The Cleveland Guardians, Drama In The NFL, Ian Rapoport, Darius Butler, & AJ Hawk


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On today's show, Pat and the boys chat about the Cleveland Indians changing their name to the Cleveland Guardians (starting next year), the drama surrounding the NFL essentially making players get vaccinated or they will make your season very difficult. They also cover the news that Davante Adams and the Packers have officially ended extension talks and things are seemingly not in a good spot. Joining the program to chat more about that situation is NFL Insider, Ian Rapoport. Rapsheet also lays out the implications of not getting vaccinated this upcoming season, and how he thinks that process is going to play out (41:20-54:20). Later, Darius Butler joins the show to chat about what he's hearing from a lot of players in the locker room, and how he thinks it's going to play out between the players, the NFLPA, and the league itself (58:39-1:17:06). Make sure you subscribe to and listen every day on Mad Dog Radio, Sirius XM Channel 82. We appreciate you all for listening, come and laugh with us, cheers.

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