Bigger impact and better revenues with Masterminds, with Liz Scully


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Today we’re exploring how nearly everybody can add a mastermind to their range of offerings to really boost both your impact and your revenue streams. No matter what business you’re in, you’re in the transformation business and masterminds are where people can learn and grow like nowhere else.

If you’ve heard of masterminds but never really got it, or if you’ve been thinking about joining one but don’t know what to do next then jump in and get ready to meet Mastermind expert Liz Scully as she walks you and me through everything you need to know.

About Liz Scully

Emmy award winning Liz Scully is a strategist that believes business should be ridiculously fun as well as highly effective.

She runs Mastermind groups for herself and other well known coaches. She trains coaches to run effective Masterminds. Bringing skills from over 20 years working on big Hollywood films, she helps brilliant minds achieve more together than alone.

She's Irish, nomadic and as confused as everyone else why she has an English accent.

Liz's website:


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