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Whether your business is a huge success or a trembling failure is largely an inside job. It’s down to what happens in your head. So it makes sense to think big and use every tool available to you to optimise your head for success.

This week my guest is Sean Osbourne and we’re going to jump ‘head first’ into some of the tried and tested techniques super successful people use to consistently have their head on straight, take action on the things that matter and keep pushing forward without burning out.

About Sean

Sean Osborn is a mindset strategist and coach who specializes in getting people to the next level. On his own at 15, Sean went from zero to starting a multimillion-dollar tech company and managing high-level teams for some of the largest companies in the county by the age of 30.

Sean achieved these successes and many more in his life by studying and applying the timeless truths that have been passed down for centuries. As science and technology have advanced, they’ve removed the mystery from why these techniques work and helped Sean develop the Thinking Big Framework, providing a clear road map to supercharging success for anyone who uses it.

Nowadays you will find him coaching, conducting masterminds and workshops, looking for the next great place to do a triathlon vacation, and playing with his granddaughter — all while teaching everything he knows about mindset, and growth through his Thinking Big Podcast.

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