Changing How Employee’s Give with Marilyn Parker and Jami Wald, the CFRE and Senior Development Director of Benefis Health System Foundation


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Marilyn Parker, CFRE, is the Chief Operating Officer at Benefis Health System Foundation, while Jami Wald is the Senior Development Director.

Since 1998 the Benefis Health System Foundation has served as the only not-for-profit charitable organization working with donors to drive revolutionary support for Benefis Health System. It exists to ensure that generosity transforms the lives of their patients and families throughout north-central Montana. To that end, 100% of the foundation's money goes directly toward the projects and programs that implement change to improve healthcare.

In this episode…

It’s common to see many nonprofits go the United Way route with their employee giving campaign and later choose some other nonprofit to give to. However, Benefis Health System Foundation is taking employee giving to another level by creating the opportunity for employees to give to any not-for-profit in their state. What’s different about their employee giving campaign, and how do they keep it donor-centric?

Listen to this episode of The Philanthropy212 Podcast with Penny Cowden as she discusses employee giving with Marilyn Parker, CFRE, and Jami Wald, both from the Benefis Health System Foundation. They talk about how and why their employee giving campaign is successful, how the campaign works, getting leadership buy-in, keeping employees’ giving momentum going, and more.

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