The Power of Coaching in Philanthropy with Kerry Watterson, the CEO of Fundraising Well


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Kerry Watterson is the Chief Executive Officer of Fundraising Well. This firm is on a mission to help not-for-profit organizations and philanthropists develop specific strategies to maximize their collective impact on their targeted causes.

He teaches fundraising models and resource development with the University of California Irvine. He also serves on the board of directors for AFP and the US Political Action Committee. His time is spent leading lobbying and advocacy efforts throughout the United States.

He is also leading the male ally program and curriculum for AFP's Women's Impact Initiative.

In this episode…

The not-for-profit sector is behind the times when it comes to coaching, and there are many reasons why. One is the misunderstanding of the roles of a sponsor, mentor, and coach. Your sponsor advocates and helps you move up throughout your career by opening doors. On the other hand, your mentor is there as a resource person to guide you every step of the way.

Now you may be thinking, if I have a sponsor and mentor within my organization, why do I need a coach? Most times, sponsors and mentors are too busy trying to get through the work to have time for everyone individually. That is why having a fundraising coach is crucial for getting the proper support, learning what you need, and working in the most effective way. Want to learn more?

Listen to this episode of The Philanthropy212 Show with Penny Cowden to hear from Kerry Watterson, the CEO of Fundraising Well. They talk about the lack of development for professionals, how fundraising coaching is helping to change that, tips for finding the right coach, how to get ready for coaching, and much more.

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