The Power of Dignity in Creating Real Change with Devin Hibbard, CEO of Street Business School


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Devin Hibbard is the CEO of Street Business School, an entrepreneurial training program that helps women living in poverty go from an average of $1.35 to $4.19 per day by starting their small businesses. Through a social franchise scaling model, Street Business School is active in 21 countries worldwide and will reach a million women by 2027.

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The overarching purpose of philanthropy is to create real change in the world for and on behalf of donors. For that to happen, Devin Hibbard says not-for-profits need to help people claim that sense of value and contribution to create the change that’s needed. Devin has seen firsthand the power of fostering these authentic relationships that uphold the dignity of program beneficiaries to the task of creating real change.

Through her Street Business School program in Uganda, and across many other countries, Devin helps women living in extreme poverty go from an average of $1.35 to $4.19 per day by starting their small businesses. She attributes her success to the power of dignity and authentic relationships.

Listen to this episode of the Philanthropy212 Podcast with Penny Cowden to hear from Devin Hibbard, the CEO of Street Business School as she discusses topical issues on creating real change. Devin chats with Penny about the Street Business School, their process, the impact they are making, and how they are scaling using the social franchise model.

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