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On this week's episode, Marc does their best to talk about this, that, and whatever after throwing out their back and other nonsense that led to recording this episode much later than usual. Apologies in advance for any added poopiness to this week's episode. After getting all that out of the way, they get on to what they've been playing with an endless runner, a unique puzzly schmup game, a stealthy cyberpunk thing, and more. Anyway, something-something, I just want this day to end, if you have good vibes, please press send, cheers and enjoy the anime-zing(ly I hope this turned out at least okay) show.

The Talking Points:

  • The Beginning Bullshit (00:14)
  • Aerial_Knight's Never Yield (07:24)
  • Flowing Lights (16:29)
  • Quantum Replica (21:50)
  • Chess Knights Shinobi (24:30)
  • Rabisco+ (25:37)
  • Rust: Console Edition (26:52)
  • The End Bullshit (29:24)

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