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On this week's episode, Marc starts things off by talking about a bit of streaming and Attack the Backlog nonsense. After getting all that intro nonsense out of the way, they get on to what they've been playing with a game that traces all the rays and a game where your great uncle Ray can date all the Tracys they could ever hope get down with, in addition to much more. Anyway, something-something, overflowing with content, the name's James Bond, man, cheers and enjoy the anime-zing(ly light at the end of the tunnel) show.

The Talking Points:

  • The Beginning Bullshit (00:14)
  • The Persistence Enhanced (06:46)
  • Song of Horror (15:37)
  • Later Daters (20:01)
  • Empire of Angels IV (22:33)
  • BeeFense BeeMastered (26:31)
  • Cross the Moon (28:27)
  • Farm for Your Life (32:58)
  • Bitmaster (35:45)
  • Arkan: The Dog Adventurer (37:23)
  • Operation Warcade (39:11)
  • In da Hoop! (41:47)
  • The End Bullshit (44:40)

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