How this Duke PhD student is tackling gender norms and stereotypes with his research on meat consumption and masculinity


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"If we can address these stereotypes and gender norms when kids are young maybe we can prevent them from thinking that meat is masculine in the first place."

I am thrilled to host my friend, Adam Stranaland, to the podcast where we discuss an age old question, "does meat equal masculinity? Adam is a doctoral student at Duke University, pursuing Duke’s first joint degree in psychology and public policy. His research aims to understand how powerful social norms impact kids and adults, as well as if/how we can change them. Most of his research is on the causes and consequences of rigid masculinity norms and how they affect boys’ and men’s development and behavior (e.g., aggression/violence, political engagement, mental health, discrimination).
I learned so much after my talk with Adam. If you have a man in your life that may be interested in reducing his meat consumption, I'd definitely recommend this episode for them!

Resources from this episode:
"Threatened at the Table: Meat Consumption, Maleness and Men's Gender Identities" - By Atilla Pohlmann
"Where’s the Beef? How Masculinity Exacerbates Gender Disparities in Health Behaviors" - By Sandra Nakagawa and Chloe Hart

"Meat and Masculinity: Symbolism of Gendered Dominance through Meat Consumption" - By Sonia Blough
The Game Changers Documentary
Adam's Favorite Plant-Based Recipe: Lemon Garlic Orzo with Roasted Vegetables

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