Overseeing U.S. Government Relations for UPS


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Michael Kiely is the President, U.S. Government Affairs at UPS, a global leader in logistics, offering a broad range of solutions including the transportation of packages and freight, the facilitation of international trade, and the deployment of advanced technology to manage the world of business more efficiently.

Headquartered in Atlanta, UPS serves more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

  • Michael has spent his entire career at UPS.
  • He started out in UPS' training program driving a truck, then spent 8 years working on financial issues for the company, including a stint as the Finance Director for UPS North Europe.
  • Upon returning to the U.S., he took a position in 2004 as VP of Government Affairs for the company, and has remained in that sector ever since.
  • Michael now oversees federal, state, and local government affairs for the company.

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