How Christina Stathopoulos Presented Her Way to Data Analytics Stardom


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Christina Stathopoulos is an Analytical Consultant at Google who uses data and visualization to help her clients drive decisions about marketing, expansion, and more.
She holds adjunct faculty positions at two top universities in Madrid, where she teaches analytics courses for MBA programs.

Alongside her corporate and academic work, she is a wildly popular speaker supporting women in STEM and emerging technologies.

So basically, Christina is bonafide analytics rockstar using best-in-class data presentation and visualization practices to fuel her meteoric speaking career.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • Christina’s unique and winding path towards becoming a world-renowned analytics speaker
  • The profound impact effective data visualization and presentation had on her career
  • The four guiding “maxims” of conversation she uses to deliver every talk
  • Her favorite data visualization tools vs. what she recommends for others
  • An inside look into her rigorous presentation preparation process
  • The simple and ingenious way she presents complex technical information
  • Her invaluable advice on what aspiring women in tech speakers should and should not do
  • Why the analytics industry still has work to do in representing women in tech speakers
  • The surprising advice she would give her past self before her first presentation

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