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Nidhal Firoze is a Digital Analytics Association certified web analyst and associate manager of Digital Analytics and BI at Course5 Intelligence. He was recently recognized by the Analytics India Magazine as one of the top 5 data science mentors in June 2020.
He's also a DAA Quanties-award finalist in the difference-maker category.

Our guest is a passionate public speaker, corporate trainer, mentor, and he has trained over 2,000 students from 20 plus educational institutions. During his free time, he is a very sought out analytic speaker at seminars, webinars, online events, and organizations.

Nidhal has loads to share and generously shares his philosophy and tips, so make sure to tune in!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • Nidhal's path into the data field and his current work.
  • The influence of data presentation on Nidhal's career.
  • Nidhal's perspective on the current challenges facing practitioners in the space.
  • The utility of color and the ways in which it can be employed effectively.
  • Top tool choices for processing and presentation of data for Nidhal.
  • Lessons around virtual presentations that Nidhal has learned during 2020.
  • Nidhal's advice to his earlier self — boosting confidence through reflection and preparation.
  • The benefits of consistency and commitment when learning something new.

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