#88 - Let's Talk About Racism Ft. J Littles


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J Littles and I discuss a topic which In my opinion should be openly talked about more between both parties to truly move things forward. The topic is racism, something that we hadn't planned on discussing but turned out to be one of the best conversations I've ever had.
We discuss what life was like for J Littles growing up as a black male in a predominantly white area and how he navigated the situation with having a white mum and black dad.
Most importantly he lifts the lid on 'true racism' which is how society subconsciously treats people of colour without thinking of the impact
About J Littles
J Littles is an MC from Nottingham who has been releasing music since 2008. Although he started out as a grime artist, his lyrical prowess has matured into a unique style of grown-up Hip-Hop. Steeped in social commentary and witty punchlines, which emanate from his battle rap influence, Littles’ intricate wordplay and subtle delivery are mixed into a gumbo pot of jazz, soul and drum breaks as he retrieves the sounds of his childhood.

One of the more experienced rappers in Nottingham, J Littles has previously worked with the bigger names in Hip-Hop that Nottingham has on its roster, from DJ Fever and Nick Stez to his own cousin Shortee Blitz, to name a few. On national platforms, he’s participated in projects with Gilles Peterson’s Future Bubblers program and the BBC Untapped project. Live performance runs in Littles’ family. His father, Owen Campbell is a jazz percussionist extraordinaire who’s worked with a plethora of acts over 3 decades.

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