#98 -Becoming More Resilient - Ft. Kate Gladdin


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Do you sometimes struggle with life throwing you a curveball? If you do then you aren't alone, one of the biggest people struggle with is the social and emotional skills needed to deal with change and become more resilient. Kate & I deep dive into what resilience means to her and the strategies she teaches to help people become the best version of themselves.
About Kate
Kate Gladdin went from a broken-hearted sister battling an eating disorder to one of Australia’s “100 Women of Influence,” Kate is living proof that what doesn’t kill us can make us stronger. She is an international speaker, certified life coach, resilience specialist and published author of multiple books.
Through her live talks, online coaching programs and podcast show, “Okay, Now What?”, Kate has shared her empowering message with more than 200,000 students. Her mission is to teach young people the social and emotional skills they need to improve their mental health and become more resilient.

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