#97 - How Alina Built a $200,000 Etsy Store and Launched her First Private Label Product on Amazon


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Alina is a financial analyst in Pittsburgh. In 2020, Alina started her own Etsy business, desiring to have multiple income streams. She grossed $200,000 her first year during the pandemic. Seeing the opportunity of what she was making, she started looking up other ways to make money online. “Sell on Amazon FBA” kept coming up on her feed. Alina started looking for an Amazon course to fast-track her results. She found my course Private Label Mastery, did her homework read 100+ reviews and enrolled. Alina is today 2.5 months into the course. She has her first Private Label product launched on Amazon.com in the Sports & Outdoors category. Her first launch sold out. She then launched a second product in the Arts & Crafts niche. She sold out that launch, too utilizing PLM's systems, support, and her 2 products approved by our coaching team.

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