Erin Lee, Babylon Health, on leveraging AI to break geographic silos


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In this episode, we connect with Erin Lee, the VP of Global Operations and Managing Director of Babylon (U.S.). Babylon is a London-based telehealth startup leveraging AI to provide quality and affordable primary care around the world. Babylon has operations globally, including in the U.S., Canada, UK, Rwanda, and several countries within Asia and the Middle East and plans to continue expanding internationally. Since its founding in 2013, Babylon has raised $635M in funding to date from investors such as Centene, VNV Global, and Google DeepMind. Most recently, Babylon rallied $100M in Series C funding in September 2020. We discussed: 1. Babylon’s mission to make healthcare more accessible and affordable globally by combining cutting-edge AI with best-in-class clinical care to reduce excess administrative costs and enhance practitioners’ ability to administer quality care 2. How Babylon's capitated care model to manage holistic patient care is delivering proactive healthcare over sickcare, and how Babylon is utilizing its global knowledge and understanding of all of the external risk factors that can impact a person’s health, such as their environment and unmet social needs, to treat the whole person 3. The impact of COVID and the rise in digital health providers and its impact on the consumer 4. Professional and leadership advice on working across diverse, international teams

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