Do you even need a Bass player?


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In this podcast, we explore....

0:15 Characteristic pitches, chords, and the functional harmony of the modes 2:52 You just like to hear yourself talk about music 3:46 “Just Feel it!” 4:08 Which is more important, bass or drums? 5:52 What is Berklee Funk? 7:41 Salsa on piano 8:13 What audio interface do you use? 8:42 What sort of instrument would you learn how to play and why? 9:26 How do you deal with nerves on stage? 11:47 Idiot choir leader 11:56 On long 6 hour rehearsals 12:50 What’s the difference between pop/rock keys players and classical pianists? 14:07 Who…is the target audience for your channel? 14:56 The Undertone series exists! 15:22 What exactly is the neo soul feel? Quintuplets? 16:19 What are your comments on the Music Industry? 19:06 Why bother transcribe the music exactly

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