Q+A #35 - Why do you like pop music when other artists go unnoticed?


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0:15 Why do US percussionists play Cajons the way that they do?

3:50 What should you do in order to back out of a gig for a higher paying one?

6:19 What is your advice for a trans musicians entering college?

8:03 Why is musicianship so high in NYC?

9:59 How should transients line up when you time-align music in a DAW?

11:25 What do you mean about the “craft” of pop music making?

15:42 Talk to me about bass effects, please!

17:38 If you knew about the Myth of Sisyphus before your recital, why did you still get depressed afterwards?

Thanks to Rodrigo de Piérola, Reagan McCann, Olivia Andersson, Fergus, Stanislav Kogan, Jon Chen, Christian Hasselberger and Frisky Maulida for their insightful questions!

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