The Quest University #3: The Story of Atrium | Justin Kan's Storytime


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My first company, Twitch, sold for almost a billion dollars. My second one lost $75 million in 36 months. People love talking about success, but today I want to talk about failure.

Early last year, I announced the closure of my company with a heavy heart. Atrium marks a sinister period in my life consumed by failure and pain, but also one of learning and reflection. Just over a year removed, it is time to be honest and tell the full story behind the fall of Atrium.

In this episode, you will hear about building for purpose, the importance of a clear mission, hiring too quickly, embracing failure, and asking yourself difficult questions. Will you let your failures define you, or emerge a stronger and better person? Read the full article on this topic here, or watch the video I made on this topic here.

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