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Nick Wilkinson is an Executive, Strategist, Advisor, Entrepreneur and Author. Nick has enjoyed success across a wide spectrum of the IT software and services industry: a proven CEO in private equity and founder owned companies and extensive, global multi-functional leadership experience in a publicly traded corporation. He is a chair and board member for the Junior Achievement of Delaware as well as on the board for the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania a venture capital and private equity firm. Nick is also an accomplished author. His book Snakes and Ladders is a biting satire of corporate culture, everybody plays the game, taking their turns to dodge the snakes and climb the ladders. Greed, ambition, vanity, petty rivalries, lust, booze and golf fuel the contestants. Snakes and Ladders takes place all over the world, in the finest hotels and private jets, from the board room to the bath room.

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