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Stephanie Czajkowski was born in Wisconsin to a family with a hard to pronounce last name (Check-house-key just FYI) , Stephanie realized she wanted to be an actor the moment she saw her first episode of The Brady Bunch, and insisted her mom write the TV station to ask how that might be possible. That lead Stephanie to pursue a career in the Arts. After high school, she attended NYU where she received her BA in acting and ran the Student Council, before heading for Los Angeles. Supporting herself working as a fitness instructor and a bartender, her "big break" came with the role of Paramedic #1 on TLC's I Didn't Know I was Pregnant, where she cut a fake umbilical cord on a very life-like plastic baby. This was soon followed by parts on Criminal Minds, NCIS Los Angeles, How to Get Away with Murder, Gray's Anatomy, Shameless, The Exes and Bones.
Czajkowski is known for her roles in the movies Breakthrough, Call of the Wild and Doom Patrol.
She lives in the Los Feliz area, enjoys being walking distance from all her favorite places and the urban oasis that is Griffith Park.

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