The Soulful Sounds of Shelly Bhushan


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Shelly Bhushan captures the attention of her listeners with a sultry, atmospheric voice and effervescent stage presence. She’s cool, with a frankness and roughness of a fiercely independent woman, quick with a self-deprecating joke, full of anecdotes to warm up her audience – by all appearances, normal like you and me. It’s when she opens her mouth to sing that you fall back into your seat, with the sound of her honeyed, lush vocals wrapping around you…completely captivated. It’s then you realize there’s nothing normal about her— Shelly Bhushan is exceptional. The Texas native has been belting her soulful heart out practically since birth. She’s sung in many projects, everything from choral to swing, funk to classical, but always wanted to do her own thing. Her songs are personal, intense, real, and memorable, her performances unforgettable. Shelly sings the emotions her audience has felt before; you can see her transform them from mere listeners to kindred spirits. Shelly is real; she gets them, and they her. She is known for her songs “Not to Me”, Digging in Deep” and her newly released holiday song “When Will it Be Christmas”.

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