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Episode Summary: We are introducing our guest for this episode, Kosha Brown, the Director of Business Development, BoxBrownie.com. She is based in the San Francisco Bay area. Kosha grew up in Northern Arizona, Flagstaff area. She shares insights on new developments in the Real Estate tech space that agents and brokers need to take advantage of to meet clients' needs more effectively. Top Takeaways: "Too many agents want to spend too much time behind the screen when it's all about building relationships, solving some problems, and having fun." - [Bill Risser] "Less than 11% of agents in the US include floor plans, and it is the 3rd most requested thing." - [Kosha Brown] "Your listings are your brand." - [Kosha Brown] Episode Highlights: [00:25] Intro [01:02] Meet today's guest, Kosha Brown. [02:51] What to know about Flagstaff, Arizona. [06:00] Why Kosha went into Real Estate. [09:00] Kosha talks about her time at Realtor.com. [12:00] How did you get connected to the BoxBrownie team? [13:20] About BoxBrownie.com [24:56] What's on the horizon for BoxBrownie.com? [26:20] Kosha's advice to new agents [28:13] How to contact Kosha [29:10] Outro Episode Notes: Flagstaff, Arizona, is a beautiful area in the mountains with a ski resort. It is one of the luxury cities in Arizona. People in the valley own a considerable number of homes in Flagstaff. Describing how she started in real estate, Kosha shares that getting married at a young age made it difficult to continue schooling, so her husband suggested she go into real estate to take advantage of the referrals from his mortgage business. This kicked off her career, and she was happy with it, especially since she enjoys talking to people. Her knowledge as a realtor has been helpful in the real estate tech space because she understands how realtors think. Rather than try to sell a product that clients don't need, she encourages them to use her services when they need them. Kosha spent over nine years at Realtor.com before later moving, and she describes the experience as very insightful and enlightening. Her time there also cultivated some highly beneficial relationships. The transition from realtor.com to BoxBrownie.com was an easy fit. About BoxBrownie.com: BoxBrownie deals with digital imagery for real estate, including image enhancements, item removal for professional photographers, and even now rendering, all at a cost that can even be cheaper than having to get a photographer to take pictures. The founder, Brad, was a photographer and inspired his company from a camera called the Brownie shaped like a box. Bill shares that the company's main thing that appeals to him is the professional floor plans; it is one of the most requested things people want in a listing but is rarely put into a US listing. Including floor plans gives an immense edge to Realtors at a low cost to stand out during listing presentations since many other realtors don't adopt them, and they are helpful for clients to have a clear picture of the house. For Kosha, the most appealing work of the company is item removal, but also, rendering has proved highly useful, like in marketing. The company is also involved in Virtual Renovations. BoxBrownie.com is working to create. 360° Virtual Tours and they expect that very soon it will be in high demand. Kosha's advice to new agents: Choose the right broker. Go with a broker who has support and tech tools. Your broker needs to understand, learn, adapt and teach these tech aspects to agents. Use BoxBrownie, and Rate My Agent. Your listings are your brand, don't get lazy, do the job right because your digital image is critical and is part of your brand. Make the right decision, use the right tools and surround yourself with the right people.



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